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Do you do commission/ freelance work?

Yes! I am currently accepting commission requests for illustration or graphic design work. However, there's a selection process that all requests must go through -- determined by project deliverables and my schedule availability.

To see if I'm available to help bring your project ideas to life, first fill out and submit this form, so we can get connected.

Do you work with individual, business, or corporate accounts/ clients?

All of 'em! I love a diverse range of projects on my schedule at any given time, so I encourage you to reach out to me whether you're representing a company or just hoping for a unique birthday present to gift your mum.

How much do you charge for commission work?

Total commission price is calculated on a per-project basis (this means that some commission projects may cost more/less than others.) To determine a project's price, I first provide an Email consultation free of charge.

Please keep in mind that a 50% deposit of the total bill must be paid upfront. The other 50% of your bill will be charged on the agreed upon date (after completion of work.)

What services do you offer?

Here's a few examples of the services I can provide:

  • Illustrations and drawings for books, magazines, websites, and more

  • Graphic design for branding, packaging, and marketing materials

  • Artwork for prints, posters, murals, and other decorative purposes

Don't see your question listed above? Fill out the form below and we'll get connected as soon as possible 

Select your reason for contacting me today:

thanks! i'll get back to you asap!

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